(Pictured: Jandy and son Joseph)

What is your son’s name and how old is he? 
My son’s name is Joseph. He is 6 years old and is in first grade in the Fayetteville Public Schools district.

Where are you attending school and your major?
I am currently studying education at NWACC.

What is something that has surprised you about parenthood?
I was surprised that parenthood wasn’t anything like any of the books I read.

What is your favorite parenting moment?
My favorite moments are when others recognize Joseph’s kindness, ability to forgive, and his generosity.

Where do you like to hang out with your family in NWA?
We are big fans of family game night… even when we can’t pick a game to play we can watch some standup comedy together… we love to laugh together.

What is something you wish someone had told you before having children?
I wish someone would have told me that I should enjoy all the small moments and WRITE THEM DOWN!

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I love crafts- I’m always making something new.

What is your idea of a perfect weekend?
I love the weekends when Joseph and I hangout in bed while I read a book and he builds something with Legos.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired when I’m substitute teaching, when I find that one kid who is a true artist, the amazing reader, or the kid who clearly loves to learn anything new.

What are some of your biggest challenges?
Currently I feel I don’t give Joseph enough one on one time.

How did you hear about SPSF NWA?
Mallory Mounce was very persistent giving me information even getting creative enough to use my kid sister to tell me I needed to sign up.

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

What is your favorite quote or words you live by?
“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” ~Jane Austin
Why do you value education?
I value education because at no point in my life have I ever stopped learning something new.

What does Joseph want to be when he grows up?
Currently Joseph would like to be an artist, police officer or a super hero (preferably Batman).

What do you enjoy most as a parent?
I enjoy teaching my son how to draw because it’s something we are learning how to do together.

What made you decide to go back to school/ go to school for the first time?
My life has done a 180 without my permission. Going back to school was the plan just at a later date. When I found I didn’t have a clear path in front of me, skipping ahead in my current plan seemed natural.

How did you choose your major?
For years my friends have told me that I should become a teacher. When I jumped into substitute teaching to get my feet wet, I found that I love it more than I thought I would.

Other than financially, what impact has SPSF NWA made on your life?
I’ve enjoyed meeting other single moms who have been going though the same things I’m currently struggling with.

How will life be different for you and your family after you graduate?
For us, I believe our lives with be more consistent after I graduate.

What would you like to say to SPSF NWA supporters?
“Thank you!! There is no way I could even list all the ways SPSF NWA has helped us.”