(Pictured: current recipient Bernadette Holt and her two children– Steve and Jane)

Instead of our typical “Recipient Update,” we thought it would be appropriate to bring you a special feature this month that catches you up with some of our recipients.


“Here is Joseph working hard making his handwriting neater, at our coffee table. I sit behind him while on my laptop or reading from a textbook.” -Jandy

“I think we are both a little disoriented from not having a routine or schedule anymore, but we’re doing our best to adjust and stay on track.” -Christy

“We are doing best to not be bored and to focus on our school work. After the rain today, I let my little one play in the puddles for a mental and physical break for both of us.” -Christina

“We have been working together to do our workbooks and schooling. I have spent time with my kids putting together our garden and making cookies. My son shot himself in the eye with a plastic bow and arrow, but he’s okay.”

“We’re working hard together. We are also keeping it strong- it is so hard to explain to little ones why we can not go out like we used to. We’ve been doing our work together- my kindergartner is also doing subtraction and addition while I look on!” -Alicia

“My 4-year-old son has asthma and I have an autoimmune disease, so we are a bit more at risk. I am just trying to stay home as much as possible while trying to keep everything as on track as we can with school and social distancing.”
We’re checking in on different recipients to ask them about how they’re adjusting to the new way of life with having their children home doing distance learning, as well as the recipients themselves moving all classes to online.
We’ve also created a Resources Guide that is updated regularly that has information on meals, community resources, as well as information about utilities, unemployment options, and answers about the new Stimulus Package.